Racers are responsible for knowing and following the rules of each series event. Many of the following rules are common among all the participating series events, however the rules for finishing may be different.

  1. A racer must have the ability for race for a minimum of 24 hours, but may race more than that to qualify for the win.
  2. Water and Food
    Water and food may be supplied to any racer, by anyone, anywhere on the course. However, racers must stay well clear of the course when taking food or water. Do not throw energy food wrappers on the ground. If you are caught intentionally littering it can be ground for disqualification.  Sometimes items are lost accidentally, so if you see a downed water bottle or food item on the course try to pick it up. Remember: Leave No Trace
  3. Support on the Course
    A rider on the course may be supported on the course only by other registered riders. Those riders may be from a different team and must enter the course under their own power, either on foot or on a bicycle. Accessing the course by traveling cross-country us not allowed. The use of non-course access roads is permitted, but the rider must check in both at the support tent and with any check point officers so they do no cause a team disqualification. Short-cutting the course is not allowed. Any rider who has entered the course in support of another may bring equipment and tools and may even swap bikes with the rider in need of support. Cannibalizing bike parts is permitted in this race. Supporting racers should stay clear of all competing racers. Supporting racers may take any equipment or tools with them; they may even swap bikes with their teammates. Cannibalizing bicycle parts is legal. Support can be provided by any registered racer on any team to any registered racer on any team.
  4. Short-cutting
    The race environment is fragile. The official courses are designed to reduce impact to the areas. Short-cutting or traveling cross-country off the course by any registered racer shall result in a disqualification of that racer’s team.
  5. Lights Burning
    Racers entering the course after dusk on Saturday and up to one-half hour before sunrise on Sunday should have both primary and secondary light sources installed and in good working order. Racing without lights out to save batteries or racing with discharged batteries is dangerous and is done so at the riders own risk. It is also highly encourage that riders take a back up flashlight , pen light, or other safety light in case of total light failure. We also recommend a rear-blinking light for safety.
  6. Right of Way
    Please be nice on course! Announce when you are passing, always. When passing races less skilled then you, do not push or shove them to the side.We take it very seriously when a racer is being un-cool. Don’t be that guy.
  7. Penalties and Disqualifications                                                                            Rule Violations should be reported to the nearest race official. The race director will determine all penalties and disqualifications.
  8. Final Rulings The race director committee has the final say in any dispute.