About Frog Hollow

Date: November 4-525fhbadge

Time: 10 AM to 10 am

Rates: $130/$150/$170

Solo Limit: 70

Registration Opens: May 11, 2016  6 PM

Registration URL: https://app.lap.io/series/2016-25-hours-in-frog-hollow

Event Web site: http://25hoursinfroghollow.com/

Course Description:

Racing is a  passion where the rider and mountain bike become one, weaving, crossing-up over jumps, wheeling over small rollers, in constant motion in their effortless dance on the single track. Riding this terrain feeds the soul that hunger for this delicious type of trail. They don’t use brakes as you carve out seamless turns of efficiency, leaving others in a blink of an eye.

25 Hours in Frog Hollow Race Course Stats

  • Total Length: 13 miles               Single Track: 5.7 miles              Double Track: 7.1
  • Elevation low : 3570 ft                  Elevation high: 4300 ft        Climbing 2736 Ft
  • Estimated Average Course Speed: 1 hour 25 minutes
  • Number of Hours in a Day: 25         Hours of daylight: 12 .5       Hours of dark: 12.5
  • Ave High Temp: 77 degree Ave            Low Temp:  44 degree